We develop Solutions

We work innovatively on customer-specific needs. You do benefit from the Niggeloh-typical creativity and quality.

We design the concept best suited to meet your very own needs.

You want a special product ...

... which we design with and for you

... we build the prototype

... followed by the series production, of course.

It begins with an idea.

Individual components, such as

– quick connect & release Snaps

– specifically fitted protective cases

– specifically constructed carrying straps

– neoprene strap adaptions

are interesting challenges which we are pleased to take on for you.

Put us to the Test!

Rifle Sling Driven Hunt image 1
Slipping the guidance straps to both sides of the butt

An example is the revolutionary rifle sling “Driven Hunt”, which relieves the leveling of the gun significantly.

With a short grip the hunter positions the two sling straps on both sides of the butt. Without effort the gun is hold in shooting position.

Rifle Sling Driven Hunt image 2
The guidance straps slide down on their own

By leveling the gun the straps are stripped off and the hunter targets unhamperedly. Integrated swivel prevents the sling from twisting.

Rifle Sling
Integrated swivel

Integrated swivel prevents the sling from twisting.

Niggeloh Patented Quick Twist Lock System
Patented Quick Twist Lock System

Or our patented quick twist lock system, as shown
on Leather Rifle Sling Premium Product Line I.

Niggeloh also developed the quick locking strap attachment for camera straps. As shown with a "Stay-on-Case" made with thermoforming technology. Exclusively produced for Hasselblad and Swarovski.

Quick locking strap attachment CH12
Quick locking strap attachment
Quick locking strap attachments at a
Here at a "Stay-on-Case" produced with thermoforming technology