Behind the Name Niggeloh stand more than 40 years of experience, Know-How and Top Quality Products "Made in Germany".

The first building of Niggeloh GmbH
The first Building of Niggeloh GmbH

Niggeloh is a mid-sized company situated at the border of the "Bergisches Land". Based on our Know-How, acquired over decades, we develop carrying systems and protective cases as well as equipment for hunters and dog accessories. In detail:

  • Rifle Slings and Cartridge Belts
  • Other Hunting Equipment
  • Dog Harnesses
  • Dog Collars
  • Dog Leads
  • Carrying Straps for Any Purpose
  • Carrying Systems
  • Cases for Optics and Electronics
  • Suspenders
  • Cases with straps
  • Leather Cases
  • Medical Equipment Cases short: Our Company Slogan is

The new second building of Niggeloh GmbH
The new second Building of Niggeloh GmbH
Modern embroidery machine
Modern embroidery machine

We use computer-operated sewing and embroidery machines to efficiently process any of your individual customized items. The specific model-requirements of our customers are implemented rationally and always with a high utility value.

Modern sewing machine
Modern sewing machine

Using your specific needs and wants, we develop and produce any carrying system for any imaginable purpose
Innovation and creativity are our particular strengths.
PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR CUSTOMERS is a key priority with us.