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Sustainability in production

Sustainability is

one of the most important topics at Niggeloh since many years as we are a nature and planet loving company settled in Germany in the beautiful area Bergisches Land.

In order to conserve new resources, we develop and manufacture our products to be as robust and durable as possible. Should something at our products break contrary to expectations or due to external influences our repair service can almost always help and repair the product instead of disposing of it. There is nothing more resource-efficient than being able to use a product for many years.

Furthermore all our products are Made in Germany. All products are manufactured at our site from almost exclusively German materials which guarantees short transport routes and ensures the highest level of pollution and environmental standards. In addition we are successively relying more and more on renewable raw materials for the materials we use.

Of course we pay attention to our ecological footprint when it comes to packaging. We are using the simplest possible packaging made of recyclable materials and also we are using already used materials if these are available. This helps us to avoid unnecessary packaging waste.
We do not use plastic packaging at all and to avoid unnecessary waste and reduce raw materials and we naturally rely on digital document dispatch and digital document storage.

Of course not only our products are sustainable and subject to constant optimization but we are also paying close attention of sustainability at our production site in Radevormwald. Our buildings are continuously modernized such as most recently by commissioning of the largest possible photovoltaic system. At the same time our heating system was revised so that we are now able to use the energy of our photovoltaic system and the waste heat from our machines to heat our buildings. This is why we can already heat a plant without using fossil raw materials. The additionally required electricity is generated 100% ecologically.

We are taking care of the gradual renewal of our modern and time-controlled machine park and the lighting conversion to the most efficient LED technology and the conversion of our energy-efficient IT systems. All measures to ensure maximum economy and contribute to the conservation of resources.

Furthermore almost all of our employees live close to our site and can therefore reach us by bicycle, e-scooter or walking which contributes to further emission savings. At Niggeloh "Made in Germany" is not only the well-known predicate for quality but also for progressive sustainability and efficiency.