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Product Development

Landscape "Bergisches Land"

We work innovatively with customer-specific requirements. Benefit from the Niggeloh-typical creativity and quality.

For your individual wishes and ideas we create optimally adapted concepts.

You have a product request, then ...

... we develop the product together with you

... build a prototype for you

... and later, of course, the series.

In the beginning there is always the idea.

Also, individual components, such as

– Quick Release Snaps

– Specially adapted protective bags

– Specially constructed straps

– Adaptions of neoprene straps

are interesting challenges that we gladly accept for you.

Challenge us!

From Preparing and Waiting ...

An example is the revolutionary rifle belt "DRIVEN HUNT", which makes it much easier to bring the rifle into action.
With a short handle, the hunter places the butt guide on both sides of the rifle so that the weapon is always carried safely and comfortably.

... to bringing the rifle to attack

When the rifle is brought to attack, the belts slide down by themselves and the hunter aims unimpeded. Integrated swivel prevents twisting of the belt.

Hochnehmen des Gewehrs

The built-in belt swivel

Constant Innovations

Another example of innovative attachment is the patented quick release.

Niggeloh Quick Release Fastener at Rifle Sling Premium
The Niggeloh Quick Release Fastener
Quick release snap CH12 on a spotting scope
Niggeloh Quick Snap Closure CH12
Niggeloh Quick Snap Closure CH12 for cameras