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Company Philosophy

Landscape "Bergisches Land"

Our Products are: Made in Germany

Our staff is an experienced team, some with more than 30 years of experience; it is also multi-national of which we are very proud. They have joined the Niggeloh team coming from countries such as Italy, Turkey, Russia etc. They may be from different ethnic backgrounds, but they all work together under German standards of quality. Each adds his individual strength to the team. With its global distribution of products and multinational team, Niggeloh no doubt holds an international position.

For many people Made in Germany stands for:

"It must be more expensive than products made in other countries ...“

While our interpretation of Made in Germany is:

  • A product Made in Germany is of top quality and will last a long time
  • The manufacturer is within reach for the customer
  • Our in Germany manufactured products are global market leaders
  • Creation and preservation of employment in Germany
  • Proprietary design, proprietary research, proprietary development and -
    NO copycatting
  • Customer service and spare parts supply
  • The right to work in a healthy and humane environment
  • Approved materials
  • Producing while maintaining environmental and ecological balance, and with the greatest regard for the health of our staff