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Protective Covers

Conventional sheaths are designed for transport only. In contrast, the Niggeloh Gun Protector is the ideal protective container for your weapon in all situations. It is solid lockable with a combination lock, thus secured in accordance with the law.

Adjustable Length Gun Protector

Gun Protector
  • Gun Protector
  • Gun Protector mit Body u. Kappe
  • Einlegen des Gewehrs in den Gun Protector

The Idea Gun Protector:

  • Handling is made easy by attaching the gun to the sling. Remove the gun quickly and quietly – even in the darkness when rubber-coated magnet snaps help your fingers do the walking
  • Lockable due to provided combination lock, therefore conforming to the law
  • Padded Cordura material provides ultimate protection
  • Functionality dictated the attractive design and quality construction; enjoy the light–weight
  • Material with yet all the necessary functions in limited space, includes cushion component
  • Color olive-green

Traditional gun protectors are for transportation only. The Niggeloh Gun Protector accompanies you everywhere, in the field, forest and to the tree stand.

Most of us own guns of varying length. With the new Niggeloh Gun Protector, you no longer need several protectors to get the perfect fit for your guns. The new Gun Protector is adjustable to match the individual length of your guns.

Two components make this new Gun Protector so unique: the body and the cover. The cover comes in two sizes:

  • for guns measuring up to 1.15 m, and
  • for guns measuring between 1.15 and 1.3 m.

One Gun Protector and two covers are all you need to be perfectly equipped with gun protection. When it rains and no deer shows, your gun stays in the Gun Protector where it is safe from moisture, dirt and other damage. Furthermore, you save yourself the task of cleaning the gun.

Presentation of the Gun Protector and of Rifle Sling AUTOMATIC in the Video

Video about Rifle Sling AUTOMATIC and Gun Protector