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Binocular Straps

Binocular belts and camera straps from Niggeloh offer high functionality and unsurpassed comfort.

"SPORT" - Strap for Cameras and Binoculars

“SPORT” - strapped on
  • “SPORT” - strapped on
  • Rear view of strapped on “SPORT”
  • “SPORT” with raised binocular
  • “SPORT” as camera strap
  • “SPORT” in neoprene black version

Nobody likes to hike or hunt with bouncing cameras or binoculars.
The new “Sport” Strap puts the bouncers out of business.

  • No more swinging, rocking or bouncing of the cameras or binoculars with the new Strap
  • Extreme user friendly: One touch and your cameras or binoculars are where you want them
  • Afterwards, they simply slide back into the „off“ position
  • Full use of the ocular protection cover
  • The stabilizer is a removable component; ready to go in or out in seconds. Without the stabilizer, the Strap serves as a standard contoured strap
  • Simple handling; Strap adjustable to different lengths
  • Contoured Strap made of wide and soft neoprene guaranteed to provide maximum comfort
  • A light weight at merely 150 gramms
  • ...Carrying at its best